Draw floor plan
Room dimensions
Room height
Room window area
All elevations
Cavity Wall Insulation
Cavity Wall Insulation Filled proof
Cavity Wall thickness if not filled
Cavity Wall Hole filled with silicon proof
Evidence of wall thickness
Electricity and gas meters
Primary heating system
Boiler make and model
Boiler condensate pipe, flue etc.
Secondary heating system if present
Heating system control system
Hot water cylinder and stat
Room walls from floor to ceiling
Room lights
Door undercut gap
Windows glazing gap
Radiator pictures with and without TRVs
Fixed low energy light fittings
All rooms clearly showing all walls
Conservatory pictures all around (if present)
Extension pictures all around (if present)
Cavity insulation proof for extension (if present)
Loft insulation – pictures all around
Loft insulation – photographic evidence of the depth
ASHP - Pump proposed location outside
ASHP - Sewerage location distance from pump location
ASHP - Water tank location
ASHP - Water tank location measurements
SolarPV - Consumer board photos
SolarPV - No of places available for solar pv
SolarPV - Compass facing property screen shot to determine south direction
SolarPV - Roof picture to show tiles pattern etc.